Health Benefits of Banana:

  1. Banana is an energy booster.
  2. Banana contains tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that is known to make you feel happy and improve your mood.
  3. Banana is a rich source of iron, thus it is helpful in cases of anemia.
  4. Banana is good a good source of potassium. If you are taking diuretics take 2 bananas a day to prevent the depletion of potassium in the body.
  5. The skin of the banana is said to help remove warts (cover the warts with the inner skin of banana).
  6. Banana is good for people who have high blood pressure because it is low in salt.

Banana is also helpful in the following cases: Stomach ulcer (banana has a natural antacid), Colitis, Digestive disorder, Diarrhea, Constipation (banana is high in fiber), Hemorrhoids

Nutritive Values: Per 100 gm.

  1. Vitamin A: 430 I.U.
  2. Vitamin B: Thiamine .04 mg.;
  3. Vitamin C: 10 mg.
  4. Calcium: 8 mg.
  5. Iron: 6 mg.
  6. Phosphorus: 28 mg.
  7. Potassium: 260 mg.
  8. Carbohydrates: 23 gm
  9. Protein: 1.2 mg.
  10. Calories: 88